Off-Season Training

Want to stay ahead of the competition in the off-season period, need to improve fitness levels or develop and master skills?

Revolution provides you with several options to maintain & improve your teams/clubs training during the 'off-season', these areas are dependant on the coaches/clubs wants and needs. These can vary from ball work to fitness training or a mixture.

Check out what programs we offer below:

SAQ Training Program

Strength, Agility & Quickness at Revolution is a program that turns players into athletes.

This program, aims to help improve a players strength, aglity & quickness, developed by top fitness coaches. The SAQ training program will test each participants level of fitness, whilst building on their strength each week, allowing them to perform at their best. These sessions can also be a mixture of technical training as well with fitness specific drills used to test both areas. These sessions are both mentally and physically demanding to help propel the speed of development across all areas, game specific fitness training will be used to ensure that the program is as game realistic as possible.


This program includes-

  •  Proven training program, with player performance tracking.

  • Use of advance training equipment, including parachutes, resistance bands and hurdles/jump-boxs.

  • Team performance tracking, and monthly report.

  • Ability to mix with other programs. 

  • Hour-long training sessions with a head fitness coach at Revolution. 

This program has proven results, and will push your teams fitness to the next level. This is open to both house league & elite teams as the program is very adaptable to ablility. For more information and prices please email Jordan by clicking on the link below. 

Ball Skills & Technical Training 

Want to become a master of ball skills, working on developing individual skills and team play?

This program looks to help players become a MASTER of the ball, developing their 1 vs 1 skills to help their decision making during the game when facing another player. This program also helps players work on passing plays and developing a bond within a team, allowing coaches to identify potential players, comparing abilities and helping to mold the team for the season ahead. 

This program includes: 

  • Advance ball skills session, using a NEW 2,500 touch program.

  • Using a program developed by European coaches, to enhance player technical ability.

  • Coaching development, plus a player development tracking report.

  • In depth, team analysis including monthly reports.

This program is perfect for teams/clubs who are looking at mastering their skills and pushing themselves to the next level! This program also can be blended with the fitness program to create an ultimate program. This is also a tailored session so its for the need of the coach or the club.

For more information & prices email us below. 

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