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Revolution Soccer camp is a fun & educational training program, which is open to any level of ability, even if you are just starting or at at the top end. We will challenge each player to try and reach their potential through the fun and enjoyable sessions, that we provide. Using our top Revolution Coaches, each player will get to learn off of a European coach, picking up tips, tricks and learning all aspects of the game. 


At Revolution Soccer Camps we offer two different types of camps. Our most popular is our Full-day which includes, World Cup curriculum, morning & afternoon session, a custom revolution soccer ball. Our Half-day camp is a shorter program, it includes morning session and a custom revolution soccer ball. 


*Full day ages 9-18 only - 7 hours a day. 9am till 4pm

 *Half day ages 6-18 only - 3 hours a day. 9am till 12pm

Revolution Soccer will develop your game through the European style curriculum that we have created. 

Areas such as-


  • Dribbling - helping develop speed whilst in control of the ball.

  • Passing- improving the accuracy, speed and 1 touch play.

  • Shooting - understand different shot types, finesse, chip and many more.

  • Defending- learn how to tackle safely, and defend correctly to prevent a goal being scored against you. 

  • Skills - using and developing skills to change direction, change speed and beat your opponent

  • Tactical - understanding the use of gameplay, such as, formation, free-kicks, penalty shots.

  • Ball Control - improving all points of contact with the ball, through the use of our NEW 2,500 touch programme.

Revolution Camps provide a fun-filled week of professional coaching, through a positive learning environment. Participants will get split into age-specific groups, ensuring players can develop to maximum potential. 


Our very unique curriculum is influenced by coaches all around the world, to ensure players achieve their highest levels of performance. ​

If you wish to learn more about our camps, or would like to join us at camp this holiday head over to our BOOK NOW PAGE for everything you need!!

Team Camps

Do you want exclusive training for your team while you are working during the day? Have areas you wish to work on which you canno cover in your training nights? 

Revolution provide a talior made team camp which we will invite your whole team. This allows you to hand pick areas in which you wish to work on, allowing your team to bond on a level which not many are able to offer.


Check out our video below of our last Team Camp.

West Lincoln Team 2018

Example of the areas we look at within team camps-

  • Team formation - Developing the understanding of different team shapes, how to play from defense, transitions between attack and defense.

  • Attacking movement - Speed attacks, counter-attacking, over-loading in attack and how to press from the front, when in possessions for long periods. 

  • Defensive structure- Building from the back, defending set pieces, first & second man defending, and trigger pressing.

  • Basic Team training - Basic sessions, which cover attacking, defending, and general team play.

  • Advanced Team training - Advanced sessions include, attacking, defending, set pieces, transition play, ball skills, and general team play.

  • Fitness training - The fitness program offers participants with, advanced sessions, which include enjoyable sessions, both with and without a soccer ball. 

  • Set Peices- Creating effective corner plays, attacking & defending free kicks, aswell as mastering throw-in plays to get ahead of the opposition. 

We will taloir make these sessions to the needs of the coach, will include a free evening training session, analysis of the teams strengths and weaknesses, also a game analysis and coaching program. 

If you are intrested in this team camp please fill out the contact form below.

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