About Us

Established in 2017, Revolution Soccer Canada provides FA/UEFA licence coaching and training for clubs, schools and soccer camps covering all ages from 4-21.


Revolution Soccer was Founded by Jordan Clements in 2017 a 19 year-old from England, Jordan invested in and created Revolution Soccer when he was studying a degree in International Football Business (ba) Hons at the World famous Wembley Stadium, whilst at University Campus of Football Business in London, England.

Revolution brings coaches over from Europe to train, develop and improve the standard of soccer in Canada. Each coach has a vast amount of expereience coaching in Europe, they also will be FA/UEFA qualified, which is recognised world-wide.

At Revolution we aim to create a better level of soccer that is played within Canada, improving players, developing clubs and helping the whole standard across Canada. 

Our Philosophy

Revolution Soccer Canada, our philosophy is to REVOLUTIONIZE the future of the game. Developing ultimate ball skills & control, through social, educational and team play. Enhancing the mental and physical aspects of soccer. 

We aim to develop players who are comfortable with the soccer ball at their feet and are brave with the decisions they make with and without the ball. Creating fast, creative and attacking players. 


Our curriculum seeks to challenge each player to help them reach their potential within soccer. With the influence of top academies in Europe, we are able to create the best technical and tactical training progammes, which is enhanced with the experienced European coaches that we proved at Revolution Soccer.


Each player plays the game in a Safe & Fun Enviroment.

At Revolution Soccer we have a Motto that each player abides by which is:

PURSUE your goals, DEVELOP your skill and ACHIEVE anything.

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Our Vision

Revolution Soccer's vision is to create a fun and enjoable learning experience for all participants, to help raise the level of play across Canada. To also develop clubs, players and coaches to reach the highest level in their respective areas. Soccer is one of the greatest sports in the world, with our knowledge and experience of the game, we want to help improve all the players, clubs and coaches that we work with.

Revolution Soccer Canada

Pursue, Develop, Achieve

Tailor made for you, training players to maximise their potential




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