Revolution Soccer Canada provides FA/UEFA licenced coaching and training for clubs, schools and soccer camps covering all ages from 4-21 years old.


Established in 2017, Revolution is an initiative soccer coaching company, which provides top quality coaching from coaches around Europe, and North America. Aiming to help players develop their skills, pursue their goals, and achieve anything with us at Revolution Soccer. 


We offer a variety of different services within soccer such as, Summer camps, Pro-Elite training, Club services, Tournaments, Birthday Parties, Off-season training & 1 to 1 Coaching. Head over to our Programmes page to find out more about the services we offer.  


At Revolution we use coaching programmes that have been used, developed and improved from coaching academies around Europe. Developing and changing our curriculum, which promotes players to be attacking and skilful. 

Each player which participates in one of our programmes will be challenged to improve their current level of soccer ability. They will focus developing their ability with and without a soccer ball.

Revolution Soccer will develop your game through the European style curriculum that we have created. 

Focusing on areas such as-


  • Dribbling - helping develop speed whilst in control of the ball.

  • Passing- improving the accuracy, speed and 1 touch play.

  • Shooting - understand different shot types, finesse, chip and many more.

  • Defending- learn how to tackle safely, and defend correctly to prevent a goal being scored against you. 

  • Skills - using and developing skills to change direction, change speed and beat your opponent

  • Tactical - understanding the use of gameplay, such as, formation, free-kicks, penalty shots.

  • Ball Control - improving all points of contact with the ball, through the use of our NEW 2,500 touch programme.


Revolution Soccer Canada

Pursue, Develop, Achieve

Tailor made for you, training players to maximise their potential




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